ecstatic yoga and dance

When we take the precious time to slow down and drop into the vast terrain of our bodies, we re-connect with our essence . . .


MY APPROACH to yoga is simple yet effective, playful yet deep. I embody a feminine form of leadership to guide students on a heartfelt journey of mindfulness, presence, and body awareness. Through my 20 years of experience in somatics, meditation, yoga, dance, and bodywork, my classes are detailed and precise in alignment and breath, with segments that invite students to tune into their own creativity and flow. Through breathwork and imagery, I create a a safe space that allows students to drop into the moment, still the mind, and experience timelessness. Through my use of poetic and prayerful language, students are inspired to live their life in alignment with the true meaning and essence of yoga. I provide a safe container for students of all levels, even true 'beginners', to come into their bodies, alive and awake to their own possibilities.




PRIVATE SESSIONS: A custom designed yoga session gives you the space to ask questions, receive adjustments and feel supported to rise above your perceived limitations.


Sessions begin by harvesting what is up for you in your life physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. As you share openly with me I begin to tune in to how to best serve you during our time together. I lead you on a type of yogic shamanic journey where we can uncover and heal whatever is holding you back to give you the freedom to live more fully in your essence.


Sessions include: Grounding meditation, purification breathwork, embodied yoga, thai bodywork, affirmations, visualizations of your highest intentions, restorative yoga with use of props for a deeper relaxation.


Would you like to identify & shift patterns and take your yoga practice to a new level through individualized attention? I would love to work with you!





                  60 minutes:  $120

                  90 minutes:  $175


Sessions can be done in the comfort of your own home or in my studio in Hawaii.