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All of my workshops are focused on deepening the understanding of ourselves, our relationships, and life through the lens of Contact Improvisation.  CI is a martial art, an awareness training, and an improvisational movement form that guides its participants to gain somatic intelligence and deep listening skills while having a ton of Fun!

CI is a partner dance form with no gender roles and is based upon the principles of physical touch, momentum, and sharing our weight with another.   We follow the language of sensation to investigate and develop a truthful relationship with being present and attuned to yourself and your environment. 

In my workshops you will learn fundamental skills for navigating this potent art sport while having your touch needs met in a safe and potent container. 





Workshops will focus on the fundamentals of Contact Improvisation:


  • Floor work—Knowing how to create safety and strength in the body through spirals and rolls.

  • Understanding the architecture of the body and how to safely hold and support weight.

  • Working with the natural laws of physics to safely support the momentum, and risk taking in your dancing.

  • Learning to modulate your body’s tone, density, texture, levity, extension, and flavor to enhance the dynamic range in your duets.

  • Exploring being off balance, off the vertical axis, and off your rocker! Lol!

  • Getting clear on how to initiate movement from your eyes, top of head, tail, finger tips, and toes.

  • owning your core and periphery to become friends and work together to develop greater listening skills.

  • All These workshops will leave you feeling massaged, met, touched, curious, contemplative, and energized


November series

Fridays 3-6

@ Hawaii Eco Retreat

Momentum: Fall steadily and readily

This month-long committed group is focused on deepening our comfort level in the act of Falling.  Momentum and falling are prerequisites to a satisfying contact improvisation duet.  A sequence of solo, duet and group practices to upgrade our capacity to maintain relaxation while falling.

From here we are able to trust in the sensation of falling, of MOMENTUM and launch into a new awareness of the delightful practice of  Contact Improvisation.

Participant Tuition:

Early Bird: $175

(before Oct 15)    

$200 thereafter

To register: 

subject line: Nov CI



October 19-27 

@ Sundari Gardens




New years Gathering
Dec 31-Jan 1.

@Hawaii Eco Retreat


Save the dates! 



Join us for 2 days of community connection to bring in the New Year.   

*Contact Improvisation on land and in water 

*Experiments in Communal Play: Improv Arts

*Ecstatic Dance

*Vision board creation station

*Sharing Circle to infuse your intentions

More details coming soon.

Email me at with questions.

A Bit About Me

Shannon Sahaja is an embodiment alchemist with 2 decades of teaching and performing in the improvisational arts. Graduating Magna Cum Laude from one of the top dance conservatories in the country, Shannon went on the developed a skill set as a movement arts teacher that will knock your socks off.  She has a unique ability to create safety for her students while spicing things up with humor and spontaneity.

As the Creative Director of Ecstatic Dance Oakland since 2015, Shannon witnessed how Ecstatic Dance brought Contact Improvisation to a massive amount of dancers new to the art form. Yet she felt frustrated that the true technique and practice of CI became watered down, and misinterpreted.
Shannon is committed to building a firm foundation for those wanting and willing to learn this martial art, dance, sport as a way of life.

Shannon studied extensively with many of the most influential practitioners of CI: Nancy Stark Smith, Chris Aiken, Andrew Harwood, Karen Nelson, Ray Chung, Kristie Simpson, Scott Wells, and Kathleen Hermesdorf.

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