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"In her Being Danced classes, Shannon does a fabulous job creating a safe and fun space for participants to play, relax, dance, sing, express themselves, and heal.  Rather than just letting people dance on their own, Shannon leads playful dance improvisations and games much of the time.  She knows when to lead playfully or seriously, when to let others lead, and when & how to defuse a potentially awkward situation that is forming in the group.  She is kind to everyone, without judgment."   ~Cassandra Duggan, LCSW 

"Shannon is an amazing teacher, receptive to what shows up, and has an infectious joy.  It is almost like she approaches her classes both from her expertise and with beginners mind." --Anna Dennor

"Shannon is the most wonderful surprise for me.  Her flower of knowledge, and kindness continued to open for me in ways that made me respect her as a human.  She was just so present.  So open.  So accessable.  But also, so so talented." --Trevor Morre 

"I noticed that each Being Danced session is different given the tenor of Shannon's facilitation, the tempo of the gathered players, and the "third body" wisdom that emerges moment to moment. I learned that all experiences of Being Danced contain some magic."   

~Susan McKearnan


What stood out for me at Being Danced is the communal feeling that arose from participating in the exercises and games offered. There was a surprising and delightful creative expression evoked from the participants. I left with a feeling of deep relaxation as well as a sense of new and now easily-accessed creative potentials.   ~Shawn King

"The class really allowed me the space to breathe, slow down, and be silly without fear of being judged. It really helped me to open up my heart. I feel lighter and uplifted." 
~Venus Lieu Scheurich

"Shannon will free your spirit and open your creative channels!   ~Michael Kersten

"The landscapes created were always rich and stimulating. Individual creativity and group synergy constantly weaving and dissolving patterns. The platform offered void of judgements and pretenses allowed us to tap into our own unique creativity and style and soar higher and higher till we fell into deep silence." ~Shanti Ragnoli

​"Deliciously decentralized, collaborative, individualistic, yet playfully structured with purpose. " ~Abram Clark

"So many of my wants and needs were met today in the best Being Danced I have been to. Shannon is masterful with creating a container that is safe and judgment free, where we can all express ourselves however it comes out of us. We danced, giggled, played, smiled, meditated, co-created and shared ourselves in this amazing art space with beautiful souls and ended with few moments of sound healing." 
~Laura Schneider

"I would like to share a few words about my excellent experiences with Shannon and also mention that the experience always is one beyond words. Good fortune and the recommendation of a dear friend brought Shannon to us to teach and give sessions in our personal studio. She has conducted small group session for 4 to 6 of us and also one on one sessions. Shannon has the wonderful gift of knowing what is just right for each unique situation and sometimes without advance knowledge of what she will encounter. In all cases Shannon finds a way to bring deep relaxation while simultaneously encouraging a strong practice. Shannon had a very deep understanding of the mechanics of postures and is able to dissect the most subtle aspects of a posture. In my private sessions we are working in a deep way to advance my practice and focus very specifically in certain areas which translate to the whole practice, every posture and the underlying subtle energy flow. This energy work is absolutely wonderful. By the end of the practice channels are opened and connected and I have a deep experience of Yoga in the broad sense. My heart feels more open and filled with gratitude and joy every time we have the opportunity to work together. Some people make this world a better place and Shannon is one of them."

- Lynda McLaughlin


"Shannon’s class is a totally free space to play, to explore, and to find whatever is true in that moment for me and for my body. I’ve been able to reconnect to parts of myself that I have lost touch with for years because of her facilitating."

- Ashae, Sebastopol, CA


"Shannon has helped me move some major energy that I have stored for over 20 years, she helped me to heal in a few months traumas that have affected me for years. 

- Sheldon, Cobb, CA 


"I’ve never seen a yoga instructor spend so much time and energy on connecting with everyone in the room individually and then as a group. It’s amazing to watch her take it all in and then create the experience based on whatever is in front of her; she is literally a maestro of movement in the yoga studio."

- Baron, Berkeley, CA 

"I adore Shannon's yoga teaching. She has great presence, her classes flow and build smoothly from start to finish, she grounds everything in the breath, she makes it fun by bringing in sound and she holds the practice in a sacred container with zero pretension. As a teacher Shannon radiates an inner confidence and experience which creates great space holding for the students. I have experienced many yoga teachers both personally and as employees at my center BodhGaia. Shannon is one of the very best I have come across. She is the sort of teacher who very quickly will establish a devoted following."

- Rupert Davis, Former owner BodhGaia Center, San Francisco Bay Area 


"Shannon is a teacher who has embodied her work. Intellectually, spiritually, and physically. This is a sign of a true master. The gift that Shannon has given me, that i needed so tremendously, is acceptance. Accepting that my body is perfect exactly as it is. Shannon gives just the right information and images that helps the body expand effortlessly. Thats the key, for a guy that likes to try hard, is to do it effortlessly. Knowing that my body has the innate wisdom within to expand. And thats the gift that Shannon is offering."

- Steve Carter, co-Founder of Ecstatic Living Institute


"I really enjoy Shannon’s classes. Very restorative and deep style of practice. She allows space for each of us to check in with ourselves and explore what is happening in our bodies. This creates an environment where we are able to deeply connect with our essence. I feel amazing after a class with Shannon!"

- Emily


"Shannon is playful, honest, joyful, passionate and gentle. An experienced guide who facilitates a love opening for all her students."

- Jeff


"Thank you for the deep morning yoga practice. You have a masterful yet gentle yoga style. I appreciate your adjustments. My body seems to easily understand your touch. I found more ease, freedom and strength in the postures with the direction you were encouraging. Bless you for your gentle, kind, powerful heart and the class you offer."

- Michelle


"I was first intrigued by Shannon encouraging a group class to experiment and wiggle around finding the yoga pose variation that our bodies wanted to be in. I loved this. It was the first time I felt permission to not be in some kind of ideal alignment and my personal practice really changed having been freed to explore. Whenever I want to deepen my practice I schedule a private lesson with Shannon and what amazes me is that I can talk to her about any interest I have or what about my body has my attention and she will create an experience that is exactly perfect for what I am going through. It’s unbelievable how she can sense into exactly where I am and lead me through a personal practice that is at my level, but still has profound impact."

- Dave

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