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Sophia Circle Journey  starting  October 6th. 

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Allow me to be your magical guide, as we walk through The Sophia Code® by Kaia Ra. A sacred text designed to radically upgrade your capacity to love yourself, receive daily guidance from your higher self, and how to cast a circle of empowerment around yourself daily. The codex is a living transmission with 8 potent initiations to uncover the endless well of divine love and empowerment within you.
This is a 13-session online group experience, to embody, activate and realize your sovereign divinity.

What to expect: 

*2 hour sessions, once a week, via zoom. Classes include, prayer, meditation, group reading from The Sophia Code, and journaling prompts.


-Our first circle will meet, on Zoom,  Tuesday October 6th 5-7 PDT, and meet weekly until December 29th.
-The calls will not be recorded.
-You will be asked to commit to showing up to each of the calls fully present and in your sacred space.
-You will need a physical copy of The Sophia Code, a journal and pen to fully participate in this journey.


I was gifted my first copy of The Sophia Code from my dear friend, Scot Klingenmaier, in February of 2018. It has become my rock, my anchor, and has truly changed the fabric of my inner and outer reality in subtle and groundbreaking ways. Especially potent and pertinent in this time of worldwide upheaval and radical changes, this codex supports you to find solid ground and stability within yourself while revolutionizing your perspective of reality.


After 2 years of Mystery School Training with The Sophia Code®, I am now certified to facilitate Sophia Circle Journey's™. YEAH TEAM! It is my pleasure to pay it forward and witness the transformation in others (and myself) as we go on this treasure hunt to KNOW the guiding light of SOURCE that lives within each and every one of us.


*Deepen your capacity to love yourself in challenging situations.
*Remember to ask for help daily from the unseen realms, especially when the rubber hits the road!
*Heal from old patterns of self-sabotage and procrastination
*Develop a healthy relationship with your inner-child
*Feel the flame of Faith and how to keep that fire alive within you.
* Develop mentor relationships with Ascended Masters. (beings who realized their full potential while in human form)
*Daily communion with your Higher Self, and how to discern that voice from all other voices inside you.


If your curious to know more about the Sophia Circle Journey™, DM me to set up a discovery call and fill out the survey here:

Sophia Circle Journey® dates:

Tuesday's 5-7 pm PDT/ 8-10 EST

October 6, 13, 20, 27

November 3, 10, 17, 24, 

December 1, 8, 15, 22, 29


Regular Investment for this circle is $429 ($33/circle)
Early Bird - $333 (save $96 before September 24)

Payment Plan 1:  2 payments of $220

Payment Plan 2:  3 payments of $150

* All sales are final.  No refunds 




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