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This is a dedicated, committed group of soul searching humans who are willing to roll up their sleeves and dig deep into their inner work in order to uncover the diamond inside.  It is a step by step process of unwinding the old programs, updating new operating systems, and taking tender care of the wounded/ younger parts of ourselves.  This work is not for the faint of heart, AND it is the best thing you could ever do for yourSELF.   The work creates incredible change in how you navigate life.  Bringing you a more tangible sense of freedom, clarity, intuition, autonomy and wellbeing.  

A Sophia Circle Journey is a guided experience through The Sophia Code® by Kaia Ra.   A divine feminine codex designed to awaken your highest potential and heal from the cultural imprint of agreed upon separation.  

Together we hold each other accountable for quickening the pace of our awakening process through the 8 initiations offered in The Sophia Code. 


This is a 13-session online group experience, to embody, activate and realize your sovereign divinity.

* Classes include, prayer, meditation, group reading from The Sophia Code, and journaling prompts.


What to expect:

*Deepen your capacity to love yourself in challenging situations.

*Remember to ask for help daily from the unseen realms, especially when the rubber hits the road!

*Heal from old patterns of self-sabotage and procrastination

*Develop a healthy relationship with your inner-child

*Feel the flame of Faith and how to keep that fire alive within you.

* Develop mentor relationships with Ascended Masters. (beings who realized their full potential while in human form)

*Daily communion with your Higher Self, and how to discern that voice from all other voices inside you.


If your curious to know more about the Sophia Circle Journey™, DM me to set up a discovery call and fill out the survey here:

Testimonial: "My experience with the Sophia circle led by Shannon was profound. This brought me to a whole new level of being in self trust, love and empowerment. I had a moment, about half way through the group where I noticed there was this anxiety I was feeling about just being a human. When I looked further I realized that it was actually that I was doing something different. It was scary at first, but I was beginning to trust myself as my own inner authority; my own guiding star on a deeper level than I had before. Who was I to seek the truth and the answers within myself? Actually, who was I not to? I was beginning to become worthy of my own truth and allowing this to unfold is just the beginning of a wild ride into the land of true self confidence. I felt the call of my heart to join this group and am so happy that I listened. Shannon is a teacher that I cherish deeply and trust and have worked with in the past. I knew this would be good but I didn't know it would be grand. And that that grandness is me. Thank you Shannon for holding a loving and safe container and showing me more of myself than I knew was possible through this profound body of wisdom. Shannon's ability to dance in the unknown and orient continuously to love, play and the unfolding of life's mysteries is something that I can and hope to learn from forever. This work and the readings go beyond the conscious mind so don't worry about understanding it all; it's about sound and vibration. I highly recommend this group to anyone who is curious! And enjoy the journey to your next level."
~Rosemary O'Leary

Sophia Circle Journey dates: TBA

3 Tier's for joining Sophia Circle Journey™


Tier 1: Sophia Circle 

Regular Investment for this circle is $429 ($33/circle)
Early Bird - $388 

Tier 2: Sophia Circle

*plus 8 Bonus meditation recordings with each keycode mentor  

upgrade price:  $88

Tier 3: Sophia Circle

*plus 8 meditations recordings

*plus an individual spiritual mentorship session.   

upgrade price:  $188

*Payment Plans available.


Testimonial: "I have gotten so much more out of our Sophia Code journey than I expected. I have connections and support I never knew existed, more belief in myself than ever before, and more hope for the world than ever before (we are creating a Golden Age!) Without the support and structure of the group, I certainly would not have connected with it as much - without the shared experience with my Sophia sisters, my doubts and fears would’ve been prohibitive of completing the book and getting as much as I could have out of it. I can feel my body responding YES to every chapter, I feel increasing oneness with others, I feel my personal power and radiance growing, and every week I have a place to speak my truth, which feels so so releasing. I get to share whatever is on my heart and release that which no longer serves me, and each week I gain tools, words, and affirmations that will aid me in navigating life for years to come. This book really feels like a sacred text, and I now read from it every day to squeeze its wisdom and reassurance and love into my life. Shannon is an amazing facilitator - she excels at being vulnerable, making everyone feel seen, and handling bumps with grace and ease. I look forward to our circle every week and my joy, connectedness, and high vibration from our beautifully orchestrated gathering seeps into every corner of my life."
~Lisa Swartz

"Sharing this testimonial about Shannon's 13 week Sophia Circle journey is my deepest pleasure and from the heart. Wow.. it's actually hard to put into words how incredible these weekly initiations and meetings with such a powerful group of Women have been for me. I feel like every cell in my body has received an upgrade. The book "The Sophia Code" is already such a powerful codex. But there is something about taking the journey together with a group of women all committed to go through it together, to support each other and share our insights that just takes this experience to an entirely new level that is priceless. Shannon leads the circles with such inspired grounded beauty and grace. I would take the entire course all over again because I know I would continue to uplevel my life every single time in new ways. I also now feel so deeply connected to all of these women in our circle, and we plan to continue to support and inspire each other as this journey doesn't end with the circle, but keeps on going once these awakenings are activated. I highly recommend this course. If it is calling to you, say yes and get ready for one seriously mind-blowing ride.
~ Jenny SeveroEcstatic Dance Facilitator, Dancer, Artist.

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