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Are you ready to fully commit to your own inner growing and glowing?  
Do you crave the support of community and sacred accountability to stay on track to loving yourself in all circumstances? 
Wanting to build your willingness to  'Show up and Grow up'? 
Contact Shannon to set up your FREE Discovery session for 

Thank you for reaching out. Your message is important to me, and I look forward to further connection.


Grow Your Love

3 month spiritual mentorship program  

Grow Your Love is a step by step process of unwinding the old programs, updating new operating systems, and taking tender care of the wounded/ younger parts of ourselves. This work is not for the faint of heart, AND is the best gift you could give yourSELF. The work creates incredible change in how you navigate life. Bringing you a more tangible sense of freedom, clarity, intuition, autonomy and wellbeing.
The coursework is a compilation of the best practices I have found in my journey of awakening and reprogramming of the subconscious mind to align with the Truth of Who you are.  Together in community we become accountability buddies to one another in this glorious 3 month journey. 

*First Tuesday of the month.  
5-7 pm PDT, on Zoom
-- Feb 2--May 2--

---What you receive---

~Each month a new Module to deepen your practice (value $150)


*Self Love: Your ticket to Win

*Boundaries: Creating healthy parameters

*Spiritual Hygiene: Creating Daily Ritual and conversation with your Higher SELF


Each module has journaling prompts, mantras, and homework assignments for your highest success!  Bonus modules included: Forgiveness and Inner Child healing.


--1 Live group ceremony/class each month (value $100)

~with Q and A.

--1 private session (value $150)

-- 8 recorded meditations (value $125) 

-- 8 embodiment videos (value $125)


-- accountability emails 2x per week. 

with homework assignments, inspiring quotes and images.

-- FB group to support group connection in between Live calls.


*Classes are recorded for your replay


Sliding scale for 3 month course:  $300-$450

(Value $650)


* Discount for those who already received the modules:



Class schedule:  5-7pm PDT.   


Feb 2:  Self Love Class with Q and A

March 2nd:  Boundaries Class with Q and A

April 6th: Creating Daily Ritual with Q and A

What to expect:
*Deepen your capacity to love yourself in challenging situations.
*Remember to ask for help daily from the unseen realms, especially when the rubber hits the road!
*Heal from old patterns of self-sabotage and procrastination
*Develop a healthy relationship with your inner-child
*Feel the flame of Faith and how to keep that fire alive within you.
*Daily communion with your Higher Self, and how to discern that voice from all other voices inside you.

For those who desire more individual support ask about Stargate 2.  This upgrades you to a private session every month.

Reach out with any questions or concerns.

I am here for you to find your way to 100% commitment to your spiritual growth!


"I have been working with Shannon for over a year.  During the journey of listening to my body, Shannon introduced me to 'Grow Your Love' teachings.  I never would have guessed this work was for my mind and not just my body. I have been in therapy for over 5 years but through her teachings and somatic work this last year, I feel like I have moved through so much energy and trauma.


I have experienced so much more self-love. I am finally, at age 33, truly loving myself with acceptance, compassion, and forgiveness. The Self-love Module really helped me break through old patterns of self-criticism and the chase of unattainable perfections. Her work has opened communication with my body that has been shut off for years. During such crazy times, she has been the biggest blessing in my life, and surprisingly her work is still translated through zoom. I will forever be grateful for all the things Shannon has already taught me and I am excited to see how much I continue to grow as I move through the rest of these modules."

-Andrea Lacorazza Samudio 

Your Guide: Shannon embodies a feminine form of leadership to guide students on a heartfelt journey of mindfulness, presence, and body awareness while inviting her students to tune into their own creativity and inner knowing. Through breathwork and imagery, she effortlessly creates a safe space that allows students to drop into the moment, still the mind, and experience their own direct connection to Source, Spirit, All that Is!

Let's embody the bliss of

Growing our LOVE

Let's embody the bliss of 
Growing our LOVE
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