Shift yourFrequency



This is a FREE offering.  Next date TBA

What are the tools you can use in any moment to shift your frequency and remember yourself as LOVE/Source/Connected/Supported?

Who wants to create more energy and vitality in their daily life? 

Why not feel better MORE of the TIME!  

Why not sit in the captains chair of your life and create the energy, focus, and LOVE from within? 

What to expect:  

Collaborative atmosphere, sequence of 1 minute frequency upgrades,  

PLAY, PRAYER, Silly Games, Deep meditations, Dance, Discovery and felt sense of your true self. 

Join Shannon Sahaja and a community of curious souls for a FREE offering 

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Meeting ID: 872 7516 1121

Passcode: 518221

Your Guide: Shannon embodies a feminine form of leadership to guide students on a heartfelt journey of mindfulness, presence, body awareness while inviting her students to tune into their own creativity and inner knowing. Through breathwork and imagery, she effortlessly creates a safe space that allows students to drop into the moment, still the mind, and experience their own direct connection to Source, Spirit, All that Is!

This is a free event.


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Inner child journey with Shannon 9:13:20
00:00 / 39:50