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Spiritual mentorship is a step by step process of unwinding the old programs, updating new operating systems, and taking tender care of the wounded/ younger parts of ourselves. The work creates incredible change in how you navigate life. Bringing you a more tangible sense of freedom, clarity, intuition, autonomy and wellbeing.

a brief overview of the process:

1.   30 minute FREE Discovery Call


Let's  get clear and concise on what you are asking for help with.  


~What are your main challenges?   

~What do you want to focus on for your greatest healing and reconciliation ?  

~schedule our session for the following week if you feel called to proceed. 


2.  Explore and notice: 


During the following week notice any patterns of the challange you named.  Pause to take notes about how your body feels when the issue is present.   Slow the process of a trigger or a patterned response down and investigate.   


3.  Our session:   


~We create sacred space and call in your circle of love and empowerment. 

~We will upack what you noticed during the week in relation to your challenge.  

~Through meditative inquiry we will work towards calling the fragmented or unloved parts of ourselves back into our hearts.  Into the Wholeness Happening Now. 

*session could include somatic work, guided meditation,  and take home questions to go deeper into your subconsious for healing to happen.  


*session will be recorded for your replay


Tier 1:  $150 for a 75 minute session

Tier 2:  $333 for 3 sessions.

--3 month commitment to your wellbeing and self worth! 

--You receive one session per month. 

--PDF's 'Maternal Matrix Messages' and "Higher Self High Fives' for re-progamming your subconsioucs patterns of self sabatoge.  


Tier 3: $555 for 6 sessions

--6 month commitment to your wellbeing and self worth! 

--You receive one session per month. 

--PDF's 'Maternal Matrix Messages' and "Higher Self High Fives' for re-progamming your subconsioucs patterns of self sabatoge.  

--The coursework is a compilation of the best practices I have found in my journey of awakening and reprogramming of the subconscious mind to align with the Truth of Who we are.  Together we become accountability buddies to one another in this glorious 3 month journey. 

--Every other month recieve a new Module to deepen your practice 


*Self Love: Your ticket to Win

*Boundaries: Creating healthy parameters

*Spiritual hygiene: Creating daily ritual and conversation with your Higher SELF


Each module has journaling prompts, mantras, and homework assignments for your highest success!  Bonus modules included: Forgiveness and Inner Child healing.

Sessions conducted by zoom. 


I want to thank Shannon Sahaja for showing up to support me at a difficult time in my life.   Shannon's wisdom and mastery of energetic space allowed us to create a perfect hour of connection, witnessing, and graceful conclusion. I came to Shannon in a place of emotional turmoil and distress, and left feeling wholly restored to my center of power. I am beyond grateful that Shannon was able to hold ALL of me, both darkness and light, empowered and disempowered. For the first time in my life I felt I was able to bring both my Higher Self AND my Human self to the table in a fully illuminated, loving, supportive container. 


Shannon gave me some beautiful insights to my situation with my partner, Jim, and the status of my inner child's/soul's healing. 


Another intuition Shannon offered was a vision of my Higher Self reaching "across the fence" to welcome the part of me living in this body, this crazy matrix 3d world, inviting me to take refuge in Her love. She (my Higher Self) wants me to know she's always here. I am never alone. She encourages me to relax and feel her in the darkness."  ~Chelsie Sullivan

"I have been working with Shannon for over a year.  During the journey of listening to my body, Shannon introduced me to 'Grow Your Love' teachings.  I never would have guessed this work was for my mind and not just my body. I have been in therapy for over 5 years but through her teachings and somatic work this last year, I feel like I have moved through so much energy and trauma.


I have experienced so much more self-love. I am finally, at age 33, truly loving myself with acceptance, compassion, and forgiveness. The Self-love Module really helped me breakthrough old patterns of self-criticism and the chase of unattainable perfections. Her work has opened communication with my body that has been shut off for years. During such crazy times, she has been the biggest blessing in my life, and surprisingly her work is still translated through Zoom. I will forever be grateful for all the things Shannon has already taught me and I am excited to see how much I continue to grow as I move through the rest of these modules."


-Andrea Lacorazza Samudio 



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Yoga Therapy

Just like massage, yoga is most successful as a one on one practice with a qualified therpist. Shannon will create a personalized yoga session talyor made for your body's specific needs. 

These sessions are recorded so that you can be empowered to take your healing into your own hands.  With consistent repetion of the sequence designed uniquely for you, your body will find it's natural balance and alignment. 90 minute sessions on zoom include guided meditation and affirmations. 













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