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October Series @ Hawaii Eco Retreat

Fridays 4-6

Spiral Town:  Opening a new dimension in your dancing

When in doubt: SPIRAL 

This month our drop in series will be focused on the spiral as an intelligence in and of itself.  Through a series of solo and duet practices we will enter a new dimension of innerstanding of how to initiate your dance from the spiral.  Spiraling with the eyes, the skin, the core, the limbs, the top of the head, the tailbone.  When in doubt, spiral to find the way through life.

Participant Tuition: $20 drop in

$50= 3pack, 4pack=$65

Register at

Subject line: Oct CI


"Each Improv session is different given the tenor of Shannon's facilitation, the tempo of the gathered players, and the 'third body' wisdom that emerges moment to moment.

All experiences of Shannon's classes contain some magic."
~Susan McKearnan

"Shannon provides an inspiring, safe, and joyful container for play, in which she accepts and encourages creative ideas from all participants. The Live music that supports the group is brilliantly inspired and varied."

~Zorg Ztocouc

What stood out for me is the communal feeling that arose from participating in the exercises and games offered. There was a surprising and delightful creative expression evoked from the participants. I left with a feeling of deep relaxation as well as a sense of new and now easily-accessed creative potentials.  

~Shawn King


"The landscapes created were always rich and stimulating. Individual creativity and group synergy constantly weaving and dissolving patterns. The platform offered void of judgements and pretenses allowed us to tap into our own unique creativity and style and soar higher and higher till we fell into deep silence."

~Shanti Ragnoli

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