Energy Attunments Guided by Grace.


               *Monday's at 11am PDT*

Join me for a weekly meditation portal to open to the grace of goodness within YOU.

There is a flame of truth, love and remembrance in your BEING. We will come together to simply breathe, align, intend, and re-activate our innate well-being and effervescent connection to Source as Source.

What to expect?

*Calling in and creating sacred space. AKA: The spherical miracle that surrounds you in protection, guidance and grace.
*A guided meditation to bring you into deep listening with your body, raise your vibration and bask in the Love that you ARE.
*Prepare your space so that you feel really cozy and contained. Bring an open mind, a journal and pen, and a glass of water.
* Audio recording of the meditation emailed to you if requested.

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Meeting ID: 881 1147 9745
Passcode: 956905

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Inner child journey with Shannon 9:13:20
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