I have good news for you my friends!

It is with great satisfaction that I wholeheartedly invite you to join me on the Big Island of Hawaii this June for a Retreat.


Collaborating with Gabriel Francisco, we offer you a safe, ecstatic, week of re-integrating into community, movement medicine, and nature. 


The Ecstatic Life Retreat is an opportunity for us to play, heal and remember to surrender to the magnificent mana here in Hawaii.


Traveling to the Big Island of Hawaii is a sacred pilgrimage for many dancers and the origin place of Ecstatic Dance.

The raw primal energy of the Hawaiian jungle, the black sand beaches, the natural hot pools, on the edge of an active volcano, and in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, is our backdrop for transformation and discovery. 

This is an opportunity to dance with some of the Bay Area’s finest embodiment wizards, in an unforgettable week of connection!

Gabriel Francisco has become one of my favorite Movement educators, activators, and DJ's and I am delighted to be throwing this event with him. www.gabrielfrancisco.com

We are also partnering with another retreat if you want MORE dance time on the Big Island. Make sure to tell them that Shannon sent you and receive a discount when registering for both retreats.



We Love you. Welcome. And, Aloha!

Ecstatic Life Retreat:  June 23rd - 30th

(Arrive no later than the 22nd and depart no earlier than July 1st.)

- Pricing: Early Bird $777 til May 15th, Regular $888.
- Flight to HILO, accommodation and car rental are not included.
Once you register a doc will be sent to you to with more info to fly, stay with, and commute with dancers!
- An amazing daily vegan buffet lunch is included. (Breakfast and Dinner are not included).
- Please ask about the discount for locals!
- Payment info:
Venmo: https://Venmo.com/gabriel-francisco-2
Paypal: https://www.paypal.me/djgabrielfrancisco

**If you choose PayPal, you must select “friends and family” or there will be a $25 fee.**



Yoga 8:15am - 9:45am
Dance is Life (Gabriel) 10am - 12pm
Lunch 12pm - 1pm
Being Danced (Shannon) 1pm - 3pm
Free Time
Ecstatic Dance w/ DJ Gabriel Francisco
*Natural Hot Pools Adventure*

Yoga 8:15am - 9:45am
Dancing into Oneness (Lotus Sattva) 10am - 12pm
Lunch 12pm - 1pm
Strength and Mobility (Annabelle) 1pm - 2pm
Resonate (Gabriel) 3pm - 4pm
Free Time
Ecstatic Dance w DJ TBA 8pm - 10pm

Yoga 8:15am - 9:45am
Qi Gong 10:30am - 11:30am
Lunch 12pm - 1pm
*Black Sand Beach Party*
Sound Healing 6pm - 7pm
Bee Dance 7pm - 11pm

Yoga 8:15am - 9:45am
Frequency Shift (Shannon) 10am - 12pm
Lunch 12pm - 1pm
Strength and Mobility (Annabelle) 1pm - 2pm
Dance is Love (Gabriel) 1pm - 3pm
Free Time

Yoga 8:15am - 9:45am
Ecstatic Dance 10:30am - 1pm
*Black Sand Beach Party*

Yoga 8:15am - 9:45am
Dance is Life V2 (Gabriel) 10am - 12pm
Lunch 12pm - 1pm
Strength Training (Annabelle) 1pm - 2pm
Contact Improvisation (Shannon) 2pm - 3pm
*Dinner in Pahoa Together*

Yoga 8:15am - 9:45am
Being Danced (Shannon) 10am - 12pm
Lunch 12pm - 1pm
*Black Sand Beach Party*

Movement Medicine 6:30pm - 8:30pm

*********COVID Info*********
In order to fly to the Big Island, you need a negative test through an affiliate location 72 hours before your flight.
Read this: https://www.hawaii-guide.com/hawaii-trusted-testing-partners

*********Class Descriptions*********

Dance is Life - This class redefines dynamic zen. We will up-level our physical awareness and drop deep into our conscious movement by going deeper than ever before focusing on forging a bridge between sound and body, music and motion in order to see, hear and feel more than ever before.

Dancing into Oneness - combines quantum meditation, authentic relating, and the Resonant Witness shamanic dance practice developed by Lotus. It supports participants to experience deeper connection with self, others, and source and will introduce a toolset that will ripple this deeper sense of connection through the retreat and beyond.

Being Danced.... An experiment in Communal Play:
It has been scientifically proven how vital play is to our well-being.
Animals and young children are always playing which supports their nervous systems to be fluid and flexible.
Ever notice how contracted life can feel when we are taking ourselves too seriously?
Just a small dose of play per day can expand you into a state of awe of joy and aliveness.
How can we remember to play?
Let me support you!

Frequency Shift:
What tools can we use to change our emotional set point moment by moment and change the quality of our life?

Apply micro dozes of frequency updrafts.....
Fun and playful ways of keepiing your vibrational set point high.

When your frequency is full of LIGHT and Aliveness, you are in touch with your Gift, which will Guide the highest and best course of your life.

Contact Improvisation: We will practice skills and tips for the best weight sharing practices followed by an open jam. Bring your curiosity and lean into one of the best practices for somatic intelligence.

Ecstatic LIfe Retreat

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